Myles Lorenzo- Senior Thesis

May 7th' 2016

“Where there is difference, there is identity, and where there is identity, there is difference. The Margin Collection is part of a journey to unity. Embracing the Dionysaic aspects of life, “reaching out beyond personality, everyday life, society, reality, across the abyss of transience.” Capturing the tension of otherness, and allowing us to disrupt the structures built to set us apart. In addition, the Margin collection aims to question the binary oppositions created by cultures to simplify reality.”

A lot goes into art, people often miss that. 

This show maybe lasted 15 minutes, but at least a year went into the final result, from the initial idea to the moment everyone walks out to mark the end of the show. Here is a little glance into what lead up to and proceeded the show.

Congratulations to Myles Thompson and Luis Gonazalez on a successful show, keep doing what you do.

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