Women’s March on Denver

Taken from WMOD website.

“Thousands of local women are expected to march through downtown Denver on January 21 in a sister event to the national Women’s March on Washington, D.C., which is occurring the same day.

A group of local women came together to plan the event last November. News of the march spread organically through social media, with more than 40,000 women, men and children from around Colorado expressing interest in participating.

Organizers describe the march not as a protest, but rather as an opportunity for participants to support social justice, human rights and equality, and to demonstrate that they will be vigilant in protecting these rights moving forward.

While the March and rally are sponsored and organized by women, everyone is welcome to attend.

“Women make up over 50 percent of the population, yet the rights of women and other marginalized groups are in danger of being taken away,” said Cheetah McLellan, one of the local organizers. “We hope the march helps inspire women and all participants to take action and do whatever they can to participate in our democracy.” ’

Final turnout has not been tallied but an estimated 150,000+ people marched in Denver alone, and over 2.9 million across america, making this one of the, if not, largest protests in United States.

This was my view.

Bumped into a marcher Richelle at the bus station. She worked in the tech industry in Denver for over twenty years and “basically helped invent the internet.” It was nice to meet someone right off the bat, fired up and ready to represent.

So ended the day with the bus back to my car.

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