1. Show at Outland- Listener Family Band/ Lonesome House/ D. Clea

    Date 31 Mar 2016
    It was an inspiring concert. All the components worked together so well and basically every song was new for me. I got to experience music in it’s best way to be consumed, live and in person. Please check out these musicians Maybe play some of their songs while you look…

  2. Kodak p3200 Black and white film

    Date 16 Mar 2016
    Expired 1991. I always tell myself to stop shooting expired film.. but then I just go straight back to buying or trading for some. Definitely not my favorite results, but there are a couple nuggets amidst the foggy mess.

  3. Hintermaier

    Date 20 Feb 2016
    It was around 2pm when I was asked to shoot a concert that same evening. Keep in mind, I had only met Eric two other times before this I’m using the video more as an audio track than anything. My intent is for you to hit play and then look…

  4. A view into the avenue.

    Date 09 Feb 2016
    Like much of the avenue, the personal backgrounds of each individual are rich, rich with experiences, tradition, family, trials, and culture This is one such story, and in no way is it a complete perspective. It is a snippet of what the average day may look like at this moment…

  5. The power outage- Photo Essay

    Date 03 Feb 2016

  6. Magazine for sale

    Date 20 Jan 2016
    This was created this past summer in May. I ordered a couple copies myself to distribute to companies and other than that have not printed any more. I am doing a limited run and will cease the production of this magazine after Jan 30th. If you want book of some…

  7. What I’m doing with North East Kansas City

    Date 11 Jan 2016
    As many of you may know I am working as an intern for NEKC Chamber of Commerce. My role is to tell the stories of individuals associated with the area and the organizations associated to the Chamber. Basically by explaining the lives of the people inhabiting the area, their dreams…

  8. A quick deviation

    Date 11 Jan 2016
    Chase and I get stuck in our routines sometimes, so we decided to go downtown together right after I got off work and snap some pics while there was still light. We people watched, looked at light, and got kicked out of a parking garage by some security guard.  I…

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