Don’t think too much, just make some sh*t

I have always wanted to shoot more fashion and editorial photographs. But for some reason I don’t get myself out and shooting as often as I want. It’s either fear, laziness, or being too overly ambitious (and being crippled by the weighted of the ambition.)

Today, I just decided to take the resources I had and try a shoot. (Time, a little bit of money, an idea and a friend)

Difficulties for fashion editorial.

Cost: fashion can be expensive, especially if you want to include those name brands in your shoot. 

Fashion shoots/look books can get stale, the same thing tweaked between brands.

It’s hard to find people that want to participate, especially if you’re going for a weird or unconventional look.

My work around for this shoot.

Cost: gave myself a small budget to play with (spend less than a 100)

Form creative restraints 

Asked a creative friend to join and model

My goal, shoot a fun and unconventional “lookbook” style fashion shoot with only thrifted clothes in a days time from beginning to end.

So my friend and I did it. We started around 10am and I finished editing around 1:30pm. 

I was even pretty ambitious with locations when I was choosing the clothes/thinking about the shoot. I ended up shooting a lot around my home. Don’t let the ideas cripple you before you’ve started.

I got to practice styling, directing, timing, and trying to hold a theme and came up with these photos.

Maybe I’ll try practicing lighting next time.

Technical side. All shot on a nikon d700 and 50mm prime.

It was pouring rain throughout the day and I thought that would give the shoot a good look, although I didn’t want the model to be standing out getting soaked. So in between each set, I would direct in the warmth of the house, throw out a theme/concept maybe some specific poses to work off of.  Be aware of who you’re working with and the circumstances surrounding the shoot (weather/light/ who may be watching if you’re working with someone shy, etc etc), they often will give you what you put in. I could imagine the shoot being a much more stressful process if I was directing him outside as we were both getting drenched.

I wanted to go weird, the more comfortable your model is with you, the more likely they are going to take direction. If it’s a stranger, converse and break the ice before hand, warn them you may have some odd ideas so they can warm up to it and not have to jump in cold turkey.

Anything small project you work on will give you the experience you need for future projects. You learn from what worked and what didn’t, maybe see what was made and it gets stale quick, so you know to steer away from that. You get more experience interacting with other people. Don’t think too much, just make some shit.

Thanks Nick Taylor for modeling in the shoot.

(Inspired by highfashion/streetware collaboration/ 90’s trend/ Balenciaga lookbook)

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