The day before I left for a month long road trip.

I had the wonderful privilege of photographing Uriah and Havilah Guenther’s wedding the day before I left for a month long road trip. This being my third wedding shooting as the lead photographer I had the pre-wedding anxiety of whether I would ruin my clients day by messing something up, either by sheer misfortune or faults caused by stress or what not. I just had to keep reminding myself that they are hiring me for how I see things, so as long as I am true to myself and work hard, the client should be happy with what is created from the day.

The day turned out to be pretty close to perfect, the people where helpful and were excited, the weather was somewhat mild, overcast occasionally with some glimmers of sun and the previously forecasted rain held off, the venue and reception hall was photogenic, most importantly, the clients trusted me and were enjoyable to work with! 

There was just an insane amount of joy. That is the epiphany of the day. Joy all the time. Everyone was just ecstatic! I remember watching Uriah tear up and seeing Havilah’s smile and I couldn’t help but feel goosebumps just staring away through my camera, I just felt honored to be able to help them keep these moments.

Thanks Uriah and Havilah, and congratulations.

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