1. Harrison Street DIY

    Date 28 Jun 2018
    The sweat dripped off everyone’s face, the air thick and uncontrollable, the sun was already dropping but the heat wouldn’t go away. Classic Missouri weather. The goal was to have a skate feature formed and filled with rubble to be ready for a pour later that week. The pile of…

  2. Austin Cosler Video

    Date 08 May 2018
    Recent video project. Check it out!

  3. March 14th School Walkout

    Date 16 Mar 2018
    This past Wednesday high school students across United States organized and participated in a coordinated walkout. This walkout was sparked by the recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida where seventeen students/ faculty members were shot and killed. The walkout comes one month after the shooting and lasted for 17 minutes. Each minute for…

  4. Don’t think too much, just make some sh*t

    Date 25 Feb 2018
    I have always wanted to shoot more fashion and editorial photographs. But for some reason I don’t get myself out and shooting as often as I want. It’s either fear, laziness, or being too overly ambitious (and being crippled by the weighted of the ambition.) Today, I just decided to take…

  5. The Sleeper Camera

    Date 28 Nov 2017
    Or.. the Camera most photographers don’t consider because they don’t know it exists. A short review on the Ricoh GR I/II One of my photography philosophies is do not put yourself in a position where you can come up with excuses not make photos. For me, cost of film gives…

  6. Off camera flash set-up for under $170 (LightPix Lab Q20)

    Date 28 Oct 2017
    I received two LightPix Labs Flash Q20 units a couple of months ago and have been using them on various projects.Here is a brief review about my experience on the product! The Q20 is a compact flash that was created to be used with smaller mirrorless and point and shoot cameras, it is something with…

  7. My Mother’s parents

    Date 10 Feb 2017
    As my grandparents age, it has become a goal for my Mother to visit them at least twice a year. My mother asked if I would like to join her to visit this time Flying into Canada, miles tickets always means layovers. We went south to Atlanta GA before heading…

  8. Healy on Tour- DENVER

    Date 02 Feb 2017
    A hip-hop band out of Memphis TN. They perform live with a live band instead of the conventional backtrack. This brings a different flavor to the music and a liveliness that sometimes is missing in traditional Hiphop performances. Website: Music:

  9. Women’s March on Denver

    Date 22 Jan 2017
    Taken from WMOD website “Thousands of local women are expected to march through downtown Denver on January 21 in a sister event to the national Women’s March on Washington, D.C., which is occurring the same day. A group of local women came together to plan the event last November. News

  10. Lucius

    Date 15 Jan 2017
    Lucius playing at the Record Bar in Kansas City. November 12th’ 2016

  11. Film fashion shoot

    Date 19 Dec 2016
    All shot on Ilford hp5 film Mixture between leica m6/Pentax 6x7

  12. Foxing

    Date 14 Dec 2016
    One of the most powerful bands I have ever seen to perform live.  The fact that they and the whole line up were all playing a show in their hometown of St Louis definitely added another later of enthusiasm to the crowd. We all consumed every last word, pitch, speech, motion, gesture that the…

  13. Andrew and Leandra’s Wedding

    Date 13 Oct 2016

  14. Run River North in Kansas City

    Date 28 Sep 2016
    The band Run River North performed in Kansas City at the Riot Room and I had the privilege of documenting. The show was insane, good energy from the crowd. It was cool to just listen and chat with them, to be human. Their encore.

  15. Zero 20th Aniv/ DØGs Premiere

    Date 03 Sep 2016
    Just some random picks through the night. Sept 2nd 2016 Be sure to pick up a copy of the film DØGs when it hits the shops.

  16. Weekend.

    Date 29 Aug 2016
    Friend visits. Then I flee the city. It was just a good low key time.

  17. Formally unformal

    Date 26 Aug 2016
    Half of the people were from Paraguay and spoke very broken english.Everyone partied.

  18. The day before I left for a month long road trip.

    Date 14 Jun 2016
    I had the wonderful privilege of photographing Uriah and Havilah Guenther’s wedding the day before I left for a month long road trip. This being my third wedding shooting as the lead photographer I had the pre-wedding anxiety of whether I would ruin my clients day by messing something up…

  19. The Anniversary

    Date 26 May 2016
    I was recently asked to photograph a family’s 60th wedding anniversary It was an honor and interesting to observe the interactions and love throughout the family. There were four generations all in the same room. Great Grandson and Great Grandfather I will be going to Canada in less than a week…

  20. Chicago

    Date 28 Apr 2016
    A week before the trip I didn’t know I would be going. I had thought I asked for a day off and ended up with a week. So how do you fill that time when there aren’t any priorities? Make a trip to Chicago. I went from KC to St.…

  21. Headed to chicago

    Date 21 Apr 2016
    My night at a rest stop. My *too early to think* reaction to staying at a rest stop What follows. I have never been treated like a criminal. That is until today, the day after 4/20. Considering you are a sane law abiding citizen, when you see a cop, you are…

  22. More film

    Date 20 Apr 2016

  23. Film in DC

    Date 20 Apr 2016

  24. Film from dec to march

    Date 20 Apr 2016
    I just shoot. It’s that simple.

  25. Night out shooting

    Date 08 Apr 2016
    Political Gala

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