The Day Kansas City Stopped

Nov 3rd' 2015

I started the day off around 1 o’clock in the morning scouting out the very beginning of the parade. Right near the sprint center, I was met by people already setting chairs out before the barricades were even set-up. I left and slept for three or four hours at a friends house then headed back to the city at 5 pm. I parked three miles away from where the parade was centered and biked in to Downtown Kansas City, locked my bike up, and headed to the nearest building I could go up. I trade going up the observatory but they were, unsurprisingly closed.

Here is some photos leading up the the beginning of the parade shot on my cell phone

I made my way to a parking garage and went to the top floor.

Then I was kicked out and was told it was a hazard to be on the roof, so I went down an just basically biked the whole parade route, from the Sprint Center all the way to Union Station and watched people.

I was the guy with the bike forcing the thousands of people to part like Moses did the red sea.

Although the parade sucked, it was cool to see the city transform to something that it hasn’t been in a long time. A very large, proud, excited, group of people, all celebrating for the same reason.

After the fact I learned that schools were canceled and work was canceled for a lot of establishments. It's not like anybody would have been there anyway since the city was landlocked and crowded beyond comprehension.

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