Behind the Scenes for Counting to 1000

A film by Josh Pfaff

I had the honor of shooting some BTS shots of the filming of Counting to 1000. Just a heads up the photos do contain spoilers, so if you plan on seeing the short film don't look at the photos.

Scene Change

Walking onto this set, I think I only knew two people. Being confident in your abilities, owning the space, respecting the work being done, is all key in creating good photos on set. If I stood back and was timid, people would reciprocate on that attitude. I would have gotten worse shots, and people may have been uneasy with me being in their space. Watch the director, watch the DP, watch the camera op's, watch the actors, be aware of what is going on. You'll know when they're rolling and when they're not, you'll know when there is going to be a set change- with these things in mind, you'll know when to slip in grab the shot and move out of the way.

Feel free to check out the trailer here.

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